Tech. Sgt. Kirby Green

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Tech. Sgt. Kirby Green is an aviation resource manager with the 415th Flight Test Flight (FLTF) at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. She has been with the unit for nearly a year and is currently in upgrade training.

Green started in the active-duty Air Force as a Korean linguist for seven years. Seeking a different lifestyle and pace, she transitioned to the Air Force Reserve and changed career fields. After crossing over, she moved to San Antonio with her husband, who she met in Korea and who remained in the intelligence field as a civilian.

Formerly working in buildings that were underground or had no windows, Green said she appreciates the environment at the 415th FLTF.

"I think my favorite thing is: I feel like it's the real Air Force," she said. "The flightline's over here, there's the operations desk, the breakroom … and I'm not used to that. In the [intelligence] field, I worked in [sensitive compartmented information facilities]."

As a traditional reservist, Green also said she enjoys the fact that she can continue to serve, while also being able to fully embrace her responsibilities as a state-at-home mother for her 13-month-old, first child, Xavier.

Green’s immediate goal is to keep growing as an aviation resource manager. She is currently completing general education credits and plans on furthering her education early next year, with an interest in communications.